Press Release: Buja Music Awards 2019: All the winners Full list

Buja Music Awards 2019: Get to know the Winners

Buja Music Awards (BMA) announced and handed over the trophies to the winners of its first edition in the ceremony held at Institut France du Burundi (IFB) on Sunday, July 7, 2019.

The ceremony of the Burundian event stated to be the sole Music Award in the country that aims to acknowledge and promote Burundian talented musicians and provide a platform for upcoming artists to showcase their talents, was animated by different Burundian artists including nominees and various traditional and modern groups.

In her opening speech the representative of BMA, Ms. Delphine Buzingo warmly indicated that their target and goal is to honor and celebrate the Burundian music industry every year.

“BMA will be an every-year event; I say thanks for everybody who is here tonight.” Said Delphine Buzingo

“We had encountered with many challenges, but finally we did it,

“It’s a big pleasure for me and for my whole team to be with you in this big event,

“I have nothing to say, but you are all welcome.” She added


Winners are listed first and in bold.

Artist Of the year
B Face

Song of the year
No Love by Sat-B
Iwawe by Akes Don ft Vichou love
Utuntu by Dr Claude
Mon Amour by Miss Erica
Guitar by Lolilo
Sabwe by Masterland

Best Collaboration
Iwawe by Akes Don ft Vichou love
Only One by Mt Number One ft Sat-B
NkuyaKuya by Best Life Music ft MB Data
Oloha by Dj Philbyte ft B Face
Koroka by El Coyotte ft Dr Claude

Best Hip Hop Song
Dogo by Fabelove
Namba Moja by B Face
Ex-Girlfriend by Kingorongoro ft Baraka the Prince
Unanimaliza by Dj Pro ft Big Fizzo
Cassava by K Muco ft Poro
Cakira by Preeze 36 ft Big Fizzo

Best Hip Hop Artist
B Face
Preeze 36

Best R&B/Afro Song
Lolilo – Guitar
Miss Erica – Mon Amour
Kolly Da Magic – Bararemvye
Emery Sun – Nalewa
Nelson B – Destination

Best Music Duo/Group
Best Life Music
Like Nos Flows
Chris & Junior
Mirror Team

Best Performance
Dr Claude
Mr Champagne

Best Male Artist
Akes Don
B Face

Best Female Artist
Miss Erica
Iry Tina
Bernice The Bell
Clementine Kavy

Best New Artist
Nelson B
Madiba Tha Classic
Msamalia Danielo
Alvin Smith
Aubin Lux

Video Of The Year
Nzobikora by Masterland ft Fabelove – Directed by John Elart
Karabarya by Sat-B – Directed by Sasha Vybz
Woza Wombona by Kingorongoro ft Country boy – Directed by Jowzey
Mon Amour by Miss Erica – Directed by Sasha Vybz
NkuyaKuya by Best Life Music ft Mb Data
You by Ado Josan ft Urban Boyz

Best Music Producer
Kolly Da Magic
Lil Evry

Best Video Director
Landry SB
Brian Smith
Hugues Bana

Best Dj
Dj Mario
DJ Philbyte
Dj Moses
Dj Patman
Dj Kicas
Dj Zenobi
Dj Frankiss

Best Diaspora Artist
Ado Josan
Mt Number One
El Coyote
Jelly Brown

Best Comedian
Kacaman Darcy

Best Tradi-Modern
Bernice – Iwacu
Spoks Man – Burundi

Best Dancer Group
Arakara Team
Dream Team
Force 257

Best Radio Presenter
Ami Pro
Jean Patrick Kivodo
Adrian Lavista

Best Gospel Group/Duo
Prince Mshindi
Best Muzik

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